Welcome to bibat’s documentation!#

Bibat is an interactive template for Bayesian statistical analysis projects that uses cookiecutter, Stan, cmdstanpy and arviz. It takes a ‘batteries-included’ approach, creating a whole working project rather than a skeleton.

The getting started page has the information you need in order to install bibat it and then use it to create a complete example Bayesian statistical analysis project. It also describes bibat’s dependencies.

The next thing you will probably want to do is learn how to turn the example analysis into the analysis you actually want to do. For this there is the working with bibat page.

For reference information about bibat, check out the Command line interface and Python API pages.

If you would like to contribute to bibat in any way, the Contributing page has some useful information.

Finally, see the Accessibility page to find out how we have tried to make this website as useable as possible for everyone.